How To Buy Football Cleats Without Stressing

nike lunarbeast eliteDo you want to know how to buy football cleats for the upcoming season?

I’ve spent many years on the grid iron and have a lot of experience when it comes to selecting cleats. I’ll show you what’s most important and what’s not so you get the best product possible.


I Wasn’t Ready When Coached Called My Name

My sophomore year I made varsity and didn’t really expect to play much. I figured I’d put in my dues for the year and be a starter my junior and senior year. Because of this I didn’t really invest a lot in my cleats – I just got a cheap pair.

Minutes before the first game, out of nowhere, my coach said I was starting. Mentally I was ready. Physically I was in shape. Equipment wise.. I wasn’t ready.

I got pushed around all first half. I couldn’t get any sort of grip and I was sliding all over the place. When we went into the locker room for halftime I asked my friend who wasn’t playing (but had nice cleats) to switch with me.

I came out in the second half and played really well. I was flying all over the field and had two important sacks. After the game I went out and bought a high quality pair of cleats and went on to have a really good season.

I learned that day what’s on your feet matters. If you want to play at your highest you need quality gear; it’ll help you a lot. If you’re ready to look at the best cleats available for 2017, click here.

If you want to know a little more about the buying process keep reading.

Know your Position

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First thing’s first – you need to know your position and what type of player you are. Are you a running back or receiver that relies heavily on speed and a quick first step? Are you a linebacker that uses power and strength to demolish your opponent.

These things matter.

If you’re a skill player like running back, receiver,  or secondary you want a product that is lightweight and low cut. This will allow you to stay fast and gives you the flexibility needed to make cuts.

Lineman and linebackers have completely different needs. These players need extra ankle support and a product that will support their weight. High tops are definitely recommended here.

If you are a quarterback you should purchase cleats based on your playing style. A Michael Vick type QB should go lightweight and low top while a traditional pocket passer should go mid tops; this will give you ankle stability when you plant and throw.

What Type Of Field Will You Be Playing On?

A lot of people overlook this when buying their cleats and that’s a big mistake. There’s a big difference between turf and natural grass; there’s a big difference in dry, low cut grass in warm climates and long grass in cold climates too.

I personally played in Upstate New York so it got pretty cold around November and rained a lot. Personally I made sure the product on my feet came with long studs because of this to grip the ground better (and because I played on grass most of the time).

Players in Texas or any warm climate can go with low studs.

If you aren’t sure what type of field you’ll be competing on or just want to be safe, purchase cleats with detachable studs. This way you can be ready no matter where you play (you just need to buy high and low studs to swap out).

Molded cleats have fixed studs and are for people sure of the conditions they’ll be playing on. These products tend to offer the most traction too.

There Are A Lot Of High Quality Cleats Out There

My single biggest piece of advice is don’t cheap out – it’ll show on the field and could get you injured. You don’t have to empty your life savings but definitely spend what you can.

If you feel comfortable looking at cleats now, check out my top 15 for the year by clicking below:

My Favorite Cleats For 2017

There’s something there for all players, positions and budgets. I know you’ll find a pair you love.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read, comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. You can let friends, teammates and family see by sharing on social media.

Are you ready to make some plays out there this year?


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