3 Best Tackling And Blocking Dummies For Youth Football

kid tacklingIf you are a parent or coach looking for the best tackling and blocking dummies for youth football, I would like to show you my top 3 picks. Tackling is essential to football and if your child or team is lacking in that department, you are going to have a hard time winning.

Before you see the dummies themselves, take a look at why you need one.

The Importance Of A Tackling And Blocking Dummy 

There’s 3 reasons you should consider getting a tackling and blocking dummy:

  • Proper mechanics give your child or players a better chance at winning
  • Proper mechanics ensures a safer game
  • A tackling dummy makes practice safer and easier

Anyone’s that’s played a day of football can tell you it’s a rough sport. Every play somebody is getting hit and unless you score a touchdown or go out of bounds, someone on the field is getting tackled.

If you have poor tackling form, you are going to give up extra yards to the other team every play. Football is a game of inches and a yard or two each play adds up. The other team will get more plays on offense, more chances to score and your defense will get tired. That’s a recipe for losing.

If your tackling is sound and you can stick a running back and bring him down on impact instead of letting him push forward for a first down, your chances of winning increase. Also, if your child or players have any future in football, they need to know proper mechanics as early as possible. It’s easier to learn young when there’s no bad habits than to change bad mechanics when they’re older.

Tackling dummies will help your child or players learn how to properly tackle.

Poor Tackling Cost Me A Few Trips To The Emergency Room

Football is a dangerous sport. Every time your child or players walks onto the field there’s the potential for injury, in practice or during a game. I love the game of football and I’ll cherish every second I played. However, I personally sustained two different injuries when playing, broken collar bone and a concussion, and poor tackling on my part is to blame for both.

When I broke my collar bone I tried to tackle the other teams running back by grabbing his jersey and dragging him down. The running back didn’t go down right away and the biggest lineman on my team tackled the kid on the other side. As a result, they both landed on me, driving my shoulder into the ground. The concussion came when I dropped down to my knee to make a tackle instead of meeting the kid head on. He just ran right through me and kneed me in the head in the process.

I always relied on my athleticism when playing football and didn’t have good tackling habits ingrained in myself. With a tackling dummy your child or player will develop proper tackling mechanics and it will become second nature to them. They won’t be foolish enough to drop to a knee when a running back is coming at them at full speed.

Practice Is To Get Better, Not Get Injured

correct tackling

Lastly, you never want to lose a player in practice. I’ve seen tackling drills end in broken legs, dislocated fingers, and broken ribs. If you can spend less time beating up on each during practice, you will have a better chance of bringing your A game against your opponent. A tackling dummy significantly lowers your risk of injury when practicing.

All these points apply to blocking too. Good blocking improves your odds of winning and lowers your risk of getting hurt.

Quality is important when picking your training equipment and every dummy on this list is very high quality and will last a long time. With all this in mind, let’s get to my top 3 picks.

Goalrilla Tackling Dummy: My Top Choice

goalrilla tackling dummy

Goalrilla makes some of the best sports equipment on earth. Growing up my uncle had a Goalrilla basketball hoop and to this day it’s the nicest personal basketball hoop I have seen. They make really top notch stuff and this tackling dummy is no exception.

It’s lightweight at 8.8 pounds, so it’s perfect for youth players. It’s tough enough not to rip or break on the first day of practice too. There’s plenty of handles to hold onto to increase control and it’s only 50 inches tall. You’re going to have a hard time finding a better tackling dummy for your kid or players.

goalrilla review

Actual customer reviews

The reviews on Amazon are ridiculously good too. This product has an average rating of 4.8/5. There’s not many products on Amazon with a better rating than that. If you read through the reviews you will see happy customer after happy customer. They range from parents and coaches and the same opinion is repeated over and over; this is perfect for kids.

It’s reasonably priced at $119 and will last for years. If you purchase from Amazon you get free shipping too. The other tackling dummies are great but all things considered, this one is definitely my favorite.

Pro Down Round Blocking Dummy

prodown dummy

Blocking is probably the most underappreciated part of football. You offense will suffer without solid blocking upfront. The only way to get better is to practice and the Pro Down blocking dummy will ensure you get to do that safely.

This dummy is perfect for kids 13 and under; it’s only 10 pounds and it has a durable foam interior. It’ll withstand blocking drill after blocking drill. It has a full 1 year guarantee but you’ll get more than that out of it.

It’s a good price at $114.39 too. They have the option for custom coloring but that will cost a little extra.

Athletic Specialties Football Stand Up Dummy

athletic specilaties dummy

This is another dummy with excellent reviews on Amazon. Each one explains how it’s perfect for younger kids. You can use this on the practice field, at home, and even at the park. It’s portable and the perfect way for your kid or players to develop their game.

The best part about all these dummies, including the Athletic Specialties dummy, is you don’t have to be watching while your kid practices. This isn’t the case if you are doing human tackling drills because risk of injury is so high. There’s very limited injury risk when using a blocking or tackling dummy. This will give you piece of mind and some time to relax.

It’s the most expensive blocking dummy on the list at $149.99 but the quality is worth the price. This product comes with free shipping from Amazon too.

A Few Other Products For Maximum Skill Development 

Blocking and tackling dummies are a really good start for any aspiring football player. They’re safe, portable and improve skills; using one doesn’t require a lot of supervision either. If I had one growing up it would have saved me a few hospital visits.

If you want to develop your kids or players game further, there’s a few more pieces of training equipment that may interest you.

goalrilla hand shieldHand held shields are good for improving blocking skills. These are cheaper than dummies and are perfect if you want the whole team practicing at once. The only downside is you need someone to hold the pad up. Goalrilla and Pro Down make high quality blocking shields: You can click below to check them out:

Goalrilla Blocking Shield

Pro Down Blocking Shield

Another really useful training tool are agility ladders. Having fast feet and good foot work is essential to any sport and especially football. These help quicken your feet and improve coordination tremendously. Here’s a video that shows how fast you can learn to move your feet:

This is another training tool that doesn’t require supervision and can be done anywhere at anytime. It pays off big and there’s a million videos online explaining different drills for your child or player can do.

There’s a few different options and you can pick between an agility ladder (shown in the video) or you can go with running ropes. They both have their pros and cons; the running ropes typically cost more. You can take a look at my top picks by clicking below:

SKLZ Quick Flat Rung Agility Ladder (the one in the video)

Pro Down Running Ropes

blocking shedAnother product I’d like to recommend are blocking sleds. There’s really only one downside to having a blocking and tackling dummy, there’s no resistance when tackling it unless someone is holding it. Tackling or blocking a free standing dummy is a lot different than tackling or blocking a real person.

A blocking sled adds weight and resistance and teaches your child or player to keep moving their feet after initial contact is made, which is really important in making the tackle and avoiding injury. They can be pricey though. If you are interested in looking more closely at them, click below:

Single Person Blocking Sled

2 Person Blocking Sled

5 Man Blocking Sled

Lastly, your child or player could benefit from a nice pair of football gloves.

Anyone Can Learn To Be Great At Football

It just takes proper training and the right equipment. Growing up I had a basketball hoop in my backyard and I would spend hours shooting around. As a result I became an elite 3 point shooter. I didn’t, however, have anything to help with my tackling and it effected me on the field.

Having useful training tools in your backyard or at practice makes life so much easier. If your child or player has a true passion for the sport of football, get them a few pieces of equipment they can practice with in their free time. There game will grow so much and they’ll learn skills that will keep them safe and above the competition.

All the products on this list are high quality and are excellent for learning how to play football at a high level. If you have any questions about these products, comment below and I’ll make sure to answer as fast as possible. If you would like your friends and family to see, make sure to share on social media.

Are you ready to watch your kid or player’s game grow and confidence develop?





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