5 Best Mouthguards For Football Review

shock doctor convertableIf you are looking for the best mouthguards for football, you came to the right place. This is an essential piece of safety equipment and can save you thousands of dollars in dental bills. This article will show you what to look for when choosing a mouthguard and my top pics.

Football Is a Rough Sport

Every major injury I sustained in my life came from football; a concussion and a broken collar bone being the two worst. I love the game a lot but there’s no doubt you take a beating. There’s a few sports where mouthguards should be mandatory and football is definitely one of them.

I know from first hand experience how helpful they can be. One time in practice someone on my team accidentally got kicked in the face. When he came up he had blood coming from his mouth because his tooth went right through his lip. This kid never wore his mouthpiece and he learned the hard way why you should; it ended up costing a lot of money to get his tooth fixed.

I’ve never suffered a dental injury from football because I take protection seriously. Between snaps I might have my guard out to talk to a teammate but before the ball is hiked, I always make sure to put it back in.

There are some really high quality mouthguards that fit great and provide excellent protection. Let’s take a look at what makes a high quality one.

What To Look For In A Mouthguard

Purchasing a mouthguard is pretty straight forward and there’s only a few things you should consider. They are:

  • Make sure it doesn’t effect breathing or talking
  • Pick a name brand
  • Decide on whether you want a strap or not

Obviously breathing is a really important part of any sport, especially football. There are some mouthguards that make it hard to breath and they should be avoided. Luckily there are plenty that are specifically designed to not interfere with your breath. Also, football is a game of communication. If you can’t talk to your teammates you’re going to have a hard time winning. So make sure you can talk with it in.

While you shouldn’t be spending too much on a mouthguard, you shouldn’t go cheap either. There are companies that take teeth protection very seriously and spend a lot of time designing the perfect piece. Brands like Shock Doctor, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and other well known companies should be the manufacturers you choose.

Lastly, make sure the guard you pick fits your individual preferences; mainly if you want a strap or not to your helmet. There can be arguments made for either, but I personally go with one with a strap so I don’t lose it. Plus I don’t want it falling on the ground and getting all dirty.

Before we move onto the products I would like to make one last suggestion which is to purchase a few for the entire season. They get really dirty and are breeding grounds for bacteria. If you are only going to go with one, I suggest cleaning and rinsing it off with water after every practice and game.

So with all that in mind, let’s take a look at some mouthguards.

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

battle mouthguardCompany: Battle

Price: $12.99

Recommended age: 12 and up

Rating: 4.7/5

This is one of the best mouthguards on the market and is designed to help guard both you teeth and lips while not interfering with breathing; the breathing hole is 239% larger than normal size. Besides that, the Battle Oxygen Lip Protector:

  • Doesn’t require a boil. It’s good to go right out of the wrapper
  • Works with braces
  • Comes with a strap you can take off

There’s a $5000 dental warranty too. That means if you lose a tooth with the mouthguard in, the Battle company will pay up to $5,000 of your dental bills.

Check Out The Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

Shock Doctor 3300 Max Air Flow Lipguard

shock doctor 3300Company: Shock Doctor

Price: $14.99

Recommended age: All

Rating: 4.7/5

This is another mouthguard that doesn’t hurt your breathing. Like the Battle mouth piece, there’s no molding either. Additionally, the Shock Doctor features:

  • Medical grade silicone biting pads
  • Easy to clean and can be washed in the dish washer
  • Comes in sizes for youth and adult

Plus there’s 12 different colors to choose from so you can match it with your jersey. Shock Doctor is probably the most well known mouthguard brand too.

Check Out The Shock Doctor 3300Max Air Flow

Vettext Adult Football Mouthguard

vettex mouthguardCompany: Vettex

Price: $7.43

Recommended age: 12 and up

Rating: 4.6/5

This Vettex mouthguard is the cheapest guard on the list but that doesn’t make it bad. In fact, this is one of the best teeth protectors available. Like the previous two, there is no interfering with breathing and there is no molding involved. It also:

  • Comes in 1 piece with an adjustable strap
  • Made with high quality material
  • Comes in over 16 different colors

This mouthguard is really well reviewed and on Amazon 75 percent of people gave it 5/5 stars. There’s a 140 reviews, so its not a small sample size either.

Check Out The Vettex Adult Football Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible

shock doctor convertableCompany: Shock Doctor

Price: $9.00

Recommended age: All

Rating: 4.6/5

This is another Shock Doctor mouthguard and it’s just as good as the previous one. The Gel Max Convertible is very versatile and can be used for many sports like basketball and soccer. It’s great for football too. Some of its best features include:

  • Gel fit liner for a tight comfortable fit
  • Internal shock absorption
  • Convertible tether

This is another mouthguard with glowing reviews. This is a very respected company and you really can’t go wrong with any of their products.

Check Out The Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertable Mouthguard

Under Armour Mouthwear Armour Fit

under armour mouthfitCompany: Under Armour

Price: $12.99

Recommended age: All

Rating: 4.6/5

Under Armour is the biggest company on this list and they make superior products for all sports (including my favorite pair of cleats). They make a really great mouthguard too. The best part of this product is it:

  • Allows for easy breathing and doesn’t stop your ability to talk
  • Dentist like fit
  • Dental Warranty of $32,000

The last benefit is incredible. If you suffer a dental injury with this mouthguard, Under Armour will pay $32,000 of your dental bills. This should give you the confidence to tackle without losing a tooth. It comes in a bunch of colors and has different sizes to fit both youth and adult players.

Check Out The Under Armour Mouthwear Mouthfit Mouthguard

Play Hard And Protect Your Teeth 

Fear of losing a tooth should never hold you back in football. There’s plenty of mouthguards that will protect them and you’ve seen the best on this list. There’s a bunch that will even pay on the slim chance you do sustain a dental injury. I always recommend purchasing from Amazon because they offer the widest selection of high quality products. If you would like to browse all their mouthguards click below:

Discover The Best Mouthguards For Football

If you have any questions about anything you’ve read, comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. If you want your friends and family to see, make sure to share on social media for them.

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