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That’s me grabbing a rebound

I believe sports and outdoor activities should be enjoyed by everyone. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, horse back riding, hiking, hockey, tennis, golf or frisbee, you need a sporting hobby.

One thing I noticed from years of being active and playing every sport imaginable is there’s a lack of knowledge about safety and how to avoid injury. I created this website because I want every person to enjoy their favorite sport and do so in a safe way.

I’ve seen snowboarders knock themselves unconscious, slow pitch softball players get their knees cracked open and basketball players tear their ACL. I’ve personally suffered broken collar bones, concussion and a few pulled muscles; all while playing sports.

Not every injury is avoidable but most are. Everything I just mentioned could have been prevented with the right equipment or precautions.

Simple things like wearing a mouth piece or helmet can save you thousands in hospital bills and a lot of recovery time. In the end, no one wants to be sidelined with an annoying injury.

Whether you’re in high school trying out for the varsity team, an adult playing with your friends on the weekends or a parent with kids in little league, take safety seriously. Know what’s needed and what’s not.

Congrats on valuing safety!


P.S. You can email me at dylan@sportingsafe.com if you have any questions