7 Best Ski Boots For Intermediate Skier 2017-2018

dalbello panterra Winter is around the corner and so is the 2017-2018 ski season!

If you are looking for new gear you might be wondering about the best ski boots for an intermediate skier. It’s really important to choose this piece of equipment correctly and this post will show how to do so. Plus you’ll see my top picks for both men and women.

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3 Things To Look For

The wrong ski boot can cause misery; I’ve been there a few times. When making your selection there’s three things to consider:

  • Flex rating
  • How comfortable they are
  • Durability

Flex rating is the most important factor when determining the skill level of a ski boot; it basically measures its stiffness and how hard it is to flex forward.

For instance, an intermediate man should select a product with a flex rating between 80 and 100 and an intermediate woman should pick between 65 and 80.

Next, your gear should be comfortable and simple to put on. Some boots are made with soft liners and nice insoles which keep your feet pain free and warm all day. Others don’t.

Additionally, know if you have a narrow, medium or wide foot. There’s a boot for every size imaginable and there’s no reason to suffer from a bad fit.

Lastly, make sure the product you select is durable and will last a few years. Any decent pair of ski boots is going to cost over $100 and you’ll probably spend over $200. There’s no reason they shouldn’t last a few seasons without breaking or you needing a new pair.

Every boot on this list satisfies all these criteria. They have the flex an intermediate skier needs while being comfortable and accommodating for all different foot sizes too. Also, they are well made and come from known ski equipment makers.

Dalbello Panterra 100 Ski Boots 2016

dalbello panterra Company: Dalbello

Price: Check Here

Flex Rating: 100

Rating: 4.9/5

These are one of my favorite ski boots and are made for the skier ready to make the leap from intermediate to advanced. These will give you the performance you are looking for without giving you too much to handle. The best part about the Panterra’s are their:

  • 3 piece Cabrio Design Architecture to keep you in perfect control
  • Split Fit Tongue and True Fit Performance Liner to give you supreme comfort
  • 4 durable aluminum buckles that will last

This product is the perfect mixture of design, performance and feel. They come with a ski/hike system with adjustable flex too. Lastly, it’s made for a man with a normal width foot (If you have a narrow foot check out this article).

Check Out The Dalbello Panterra’s Here

Lange Sx 100 Ski Boots 2016

lange ski boot Company: Lange

Price: Check Here

Flex: 100

rating: 4.7/5

This is another product for the skier looking to advance their skill level; the 100 flex level is the highest recommended for intermediate skiers. The Sx is very high performing and is an all mountain boot. Additionally, it’s:

  • Made for men with a wider foot
  • Award winning fit and comfort
  • Highly responsive

This is a piece of equipment that you won’t mind wearing all day and is designed to allow easy exit and entry. I once owned a cheap pair of ski boots and it was impossible to take them off and on. It almost ruined skiing for me. That’s not the case with this pair.

Check Out The Lange Sx 100’s

Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boots

salomon 100Company: Salomon

Price: Check Here

Flex: 100

Rating: 4.9/5

Salomon is an excellent company and they make superior ski gear; the X Pro 100’s are no exception. Besides sporting a sleek look, these boots:

  • Are extremely comfortable with a 3D Fit Performance Liner
  • Come with 4 micro adjustable buckles to give you a precise and custom fit
  • Gives you supreme balance while skiing

These are really high quality and may be the top pair on this list. If you are a man looking for the best of the best, this is my top pick for you.

Check Out The Salomon X Pro 100’s

Salomon X Pro 80 Ski Boots

salomon 80Company: Salomon

Price: Check Here

Flex: 80

Rating: 4.7/5

This is the second Salomon Pro listed and is for the lower level intermediates (80 flex). These are an excellent option for anyone just getting past the beginner stage of skiing. They offer:

  • The same comfort liner as the previous boot
  • Articulated sensifit
  • Made for a medium width foot

Many people love how easy it is to take these boots on and off. They won’t leave you in pain like so many other products.

Check Out the Salomon Pr0 80

Salomon Quest Pro 80 W Women’s Ski Boot

salomon quest women Company: Salomon

Price: Check Here

Flex: 80

Rating: 4.8/5

This is my top pick for women. This high quality boot is perfect for the intermediate skier looking to push their limits. It has the highest recommended flex for a women, 80, and:

  • Comes with a preformed 3D Fit liner
  • Very lightweight and aren’t clunky
  • Hiking feature which makes them easy to walk around in

One women said these boots were “delivered so quickly and I highly recommend them.” She went on to say they were much more comfortable than her previous pair. You will definitely love these boots.

Check Out The Salomon Quest Pro 80’s

Nordica Cruise 75 Women’s Ski Boots

nordica 75Company: Nordica

Price: Check Here

Flex: 75

Rating: 4.8/5

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about or recommended these boots and I think they are one of the best available. They are made for women with a medium to wider foot and medium to wider calf. They feature:

  • Adjustable cuff feature
  • Natural foot stance
  • Durable with aluminum buckles

The Nordica Cruise’s will keep your feet nice and toasty and will provide a lot of comfort throughout the day.

Take A Closer Look At The Nordica 75’s

Atomic Live Fit 70 Women’s Ski Boots

atomic live Company: Atomic

Price: Check Here

Flex: 70

Rating: 4.7/5

If you are looking to become an advanced skier these might not be the best boots for your. However, these are perfect for avid skiers. These boots feature:

  • A comfortable fit from the first day you put them on
  • Insulation to keep your feet dry and warm, even in the coldest weather
  • Easy to take on and off

Your feet won’t be aching in pain after wearing the Atomic Live’s. You’ll like the way they feel.

Take A Closer Look at The Atomic Live Fit 70’s

I Hope You Found What You Were Looking For

If you are an intermediate skier you should be able to find the perfect pair of boot on this list. Whether you are a man, women or have wide feet, there’s a product on this list for you.

I personally purchase from Amazon because they offer free shipping on orders over $50 and they have the best prices. They have even more boots to select from too. If you would like to check them out, click below.

The Best Ski Boots On Earth

If you have any questions about these boots, comment below and I’ll respond as fast as possible. If you would like friends and family to see, share on social media.

Are you ready for the an awesome ski season?

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