7 Best Mouthguards For Basketball (And The One Steph Curry Uses)

steph curryThere’s a few things that immediately jump out when you watch Steph Curry play basketball:

  1. He’s the best shooter to ever play the game
  2. Everyone else is twice is size
  3. He’s always chewing on his mouthguard

Steph learned early in his career that to play fearlessly and to get the most out of his game, he had to protect his teeth; who wants to be crawling around looking for their front tooth after catching an elbow from the other teams center?

This article will look at the best mouthguards for basketball, including the one Steph uses (and occasionally chucks at Cav’s fans).

Here’s a quick Youtube video I made to sum everything up:

What You Should Be Looking For

There’s a few things you should look for when buying a mouthguard:

  • Choose a name brand. You know if you get one from Nike or Under Armour, you’re going to get a well tested and quality product. You should look for well established mouthguard companies like Shock Doctor, Mogo and Teeth Armor too
  • Maximum protection. You definitely want to make sure you’re getting something that will actually protect you from high impact blows to your jaw and mouth.
  • Keep it under $25. Most of the products on this list are under $15 and you shouldn’t spend much more than that. You may have to replace it a few times a season if you really chew it up and it can be costly if you for the most expensive one every time.
  • Comfortable. Besides maximum protection, comfortability is probably the most important thing to look for. Remember this will be in your mouth the whole game. Choose a guard that doesn’t interfere with breathing or your ability to talk to your teammates.
  • Dental warranty: You know you are getting a good mouthguard when a dental warranty comes with it. Every one on this list comes with one and some go up to $30,000. This means the company that makes the mouthguard will pay up to $30,000 for your dental bills.
  • Well reviewed. Make sure to check Amazon for reviews and ratings. These are actual testimonials from people and you will learn most from them. All products on this list have very good reviews and ratings.

Every guard on this list keeps ALL these factors in mind.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard: The Most Trusted

shock doctor

This is one of the most popular mouthguards on the market and for good reason. The design is sleek and it gives you maximum protection while still being comfortable.

Shock Doctor is a very respected company and they are leaders in the mouthguard industry. This one has three things that separates it from the competition:

  1. A heavy duty rubber frame that provides extra impact protection
  2. Gel-fit liner that molds perfectly to your mouth
  3.  Multi layer construction to absorb blows to your teeth

It comes in adult and youth sizes. It’s really easy to mold too. Just drop it into boiling water for a minute and half. After, pull it out, let cool for 20 seconds and chomp down on it.

It costs under $11 when you get it from Amazon (saving you 15%). Also, there’s a bunch of different colors to keep you looking fresh. It comes with a dental warranty of $30,000 if you lose a tooth while wearing this mouth guard  too.

Under Armour Mouthwear Armourfit Low Profile UA Hoops Mouthguard: Breath Easy

under armour

If you play basketball or any sport, you know the Under Armour brand. They offer really dependable sports equipment and accessories. They even make one of the best mouthguards for basketball players.

under armour reviewOne of the down sides of a mouth piece is it can interrupt breathing or with communication. Any basketball player knows that good communication is the difference between a W and a L. Not being able to yell out “screen left” or “switch” can lead to easy buckets for the other team.

Under Armour manages to avoid breathing and talking problems with their innovated mouthguard design. The Armourfit is chew resistant and has a low profile for maximum comfort and added protection too.

The Armourfit comes in three different colors (white, black and red) and is under $15 on Amazon. It’s a little more expensive than the Shock Doctor but is well worth the price. It comes with a $32,000 dental warranty too. So if somehow your tooth does get knocked out, your medical expenses will be covered.

Teeth Armor Professional Sport Mouthguards: 2 For 1

teeth armour

The dental warranty that comes with this mouthguard is significantly less than the previous two; you’re guaranteed up to $2500 for loss of tooth.

Still, Teeth Armor provides a great product at a really fair price. If you’ve worn a mouthguard before you know it quickly gets chewed up and pretty nasty. If you’re like me you’ll finish a game, walk off the court and just toss your mouth piece into a bag until the next game.

That’s pretty gross when you think about it. Think about how much dirt and bacteria that thing picks up. It’s probably sharing a bag with your sweaty clothes and shoes too!

Because of this, you’ll probably want a few mouth guards and a carrying case. For only $13.99 you get 2 Teeth Armor MouthGuards and you get a vented carrying case. Perfect to keep your guard nice and clean.

Plus it’s:

  • BPA and latex free
  • No color additives

MoGo M1 Flavored Mouthguard: Steph Curry’s Favorite


Did you ever notice how hard Steph Curry chews on his mouth guard? He kind of chews it like a piece of bubble gum. It turns out the mouth guard IS bubble gum flavored!

I was pretty shocked to find out Steph Curry doesn’t use Under Armour mouth guards since he’s signed with them. I guess it makes sense, though, when you can have blue raspberry, lemon, orange mint and bubble gum mouth pieces.

I was a little skeptical when I heard this and just assumed the flavor goes away after the first game but I was wrong. It turns out it lasts game after game. You can even buy a few different flavors and switch them up during the game to keep the flavor new and fresh.

Obviously, the main reason I recommend Mogo is it protect your teeth. Like the other guards on this list it has an innovative design to absorb impact to the jaw. Also, it creates spacing between your jaw bone and skull for additional protection. It won’t interfere with your breathing or talking either. Plus, it’s fairly priced at $13.00 too.

In the rare case you do get your tooth knocked out, Mogo covers your dental bills up to $10,000. Besides just coming in different flavors, it comes in a bunch of different colors too.

If you can’t shoot like Steph, you can atleast protect your teeth like him (and your ankles).

Nike Pro Hyperflow Mouthguard: Nike Quality And Style

nike hyperflow

Whenever you get Nike you know you are getting something that looks cool and actually works. However, you’re going to get Nike pricing too. This is the most expensive mouthguards on the list and comes in at $24.99.

There are somethings that are worth paying a little extra for though. I only buy Nike basketball shoes because I know they are going to protect my ankles and prevent other injuries. If you really want to make sure your teeth stay intact when playing basketball, you should atleast consider this product.

It was made specifically to help you breath better and comes with a $12,500 dental warranty. This is probably the bulkiest product on this list. You can check out other, less bulky Nike ones on Amazon too.

Redline Sportwear Mouthguard With Vented Case: The Best Reviewed 


Every mouthguard on this list is well reviewed. Some are 4.1/5 or 4.2/5 which is really good. This Redline mouthguard receives more 5 star ratings than all others and it’s overall rating is an outstanding 4.9/5.

You will have a hard time finding any product on Amazon, let alone another mouthguard, that has so many positive reviews.

This product has a really great design that is specifically designed to protect your teeth, gums and lips when playing ball. They did a good job making sure your can breath right too.

Lastly, it comes with a vented case like the Teeth Armour mouthguard. This will keep bacteria from growing on it and it will make it last longer too. Not bad for a mouthguard under $15.

Sports Mouthguard from Prodental: Another 2 for 1


There’s a few reasons this is a great product. First off, it comes with 2 and costs the same ($12.99) as 1 good mouthguard. It does this without sacrificing quality either. It’s made to give you maximum protection while doing so in a comfortable way.

It’s specifically built to last too. This makes it a great value, especially when you consider there are 2.

Lastly, it comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee. So if it for some reason it interrupts your breathing, or you find it hard to talk, send it back and get a full refund. This gives you complete piece of mind.

Play Hard And Protect Your Teeth!

In order to be the best basketball player possible, you have to play fearlessly. If you’re afraid your’re going to lose a tooth or get hit in the jaw, your game is going to suffer.

There’s a reason so many NBA players use them. Besides maybe hockey, where a toothless smile is the norm, basketball is probably the sport where you’re most likely to lose a tooth.

Wearing a mouthguard, and especially the mouthguards on this list, makes it almost impossible to get your teeth knocked out. And even if you manage to get hit so hard that you do lose one, your dental bills will be paid for. That’s how effective they are.

If you have any questions comment below and I’ll be happy to respond. Share this article on social media for friends and family to see. Thanks for reading!


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