14 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2017

combat maxumIf you are looking for the best youth baseball bats for 2017, you came to the right place.

Your child won’t be at their best unless they have a quality bat and it’s one of the best gifts you can give them. I’d like to show you how to select the best bat possible and my top picks for the year.

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What To Consider When Making Your Selection

There’s a few things to keep in mind when making your purchase and they are:

  • What materials the bat is made from
  • Brand and quality
  • Approved by the league your child is playing in

There are 4 different kinds of bats which are made up from different materials. They are:

  • Composite: Composite bats are the most expensive and are widely regarded as the best. They have very large sweet spots that allow for more contact and eliminate painful stings from hurting your son’s hands. The only downside is these bats must be broken in before using in game. It generally takes around 150 to 200 hits, with a real baseball, for it to be properly broken in.
  • Alloy: Alloy bats are very useful but tend to have a smaller sweet spot when compared to composite and doesn’t prevent painful stings as well either. However, they are less expensive and can be used right away in game.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid bats have a composite handle and an alloy barrel. In terms of price they fall in between composite and allow; you get the positives and negatives of these materials too.
  • Wood: Wood makes up the last kind of bat. Youth players usually don’t use these bats and there are none on this list.

Next, you want to think about the brand and quality of the product you are purchasing. You basically get what you pay for and you generally want a name brand bat. These companies pour millions into research and development and put the latest technology in their equipment. You can’t go wrong with Easton, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini and companies like these.

Lastly, you want to make sure the bat is approved by the league your child plays in. This usually comes down to length to weight ratio, barrel diameter and things of that nature. The products on this list are approved by most little and youth baseball leagues.

If you want a more in depth look at the purchasing process, check out this detailed guide.

So now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at my top picks for the year.

Easton Mako Beast XL Youth Bat **Top 5 Pick**

easton mako beast youthCompany: Easton

Price: $$$

Length to weight ratio: -10

Rating: 4.9/5

Easton is one of the best baseball companies around and their Mako Beast XL is top of the line – it’s a bat you will see in the Little League World Series. The Mako Beast is made from durable composite materials which gives your child the largest sweet spot possible. Some additional features include:

  • Special barrel that delivers extra pop
  • Hyperskin handle that provides superior grip
  • Latest technology to maximize energy transfer

This bat is approved for Little League Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, PONY Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, AABC, and USSSA. This product is a sure thing and guaranteed to maximize every at bat. The parents of every serious youth player need to consider as an option.

Take A Closer Look At The Easton Mako Beast XL

Combat Youth Maxum

combat maxumCompany: Combat

Price: $

Length to weight ratio: -12

Rating: 4.8/5

The Combat Youth Maxum is a very affordable and dependable bat. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the previous one but it will get the job done. Your child will like:

  • Its light swing weight that allows for fast bat speed
  • Lizard Skin Grip that increases tackiness
  • How balanced it feels to hold

The Combat Maxum comes with a full year gurantee too. That should put your mind at ease if you have durability concerns. It will last the entire season and likely more.

Take A Closer Look At The Combat Youth Maxum

Easton XL3 Youth Baseball Bat

easton xl3Company: Easton

Price: $$

Length to weight ratio: -11

Rating: 4.8/5

This Easton bat isn’t on the same level as their Mako Beast XL but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product – it’s well made and will deliver quality performance. The XL3 won’t break the bank and features:

  • Hyperlite alloy that increases the lifespan of the product
  • Same sticky grip that’s found on the Mako
  • Extra long barrel that gives your child a better chance of making contact

This bat eliminates painful vibrations to your little sluggers hands too; anyone who’s played baseball knows how much those vibrations can hurt. Also, it has a full 1 year warranty. Not bad for an inexpensive product.

Take A Closer Look At The Easton XL3 Youth Bat

2017 AXE Elite Youth Baseball Bat **Top 5 Pick**

axe elite youthCompany: AXE

Price: $$$

Length to weight ratio: -12

Rating: 4.9/5

The AXE Elite is another product that all high performers should consider – the price tag reflects that. A lot of people consider this one of the top bats because of the:

  • Hyperwhip technology that gives your child one of the lightest swings possible
  • Composite and alloy construction which gives extra durability and pop
  • Patented AXE handle that ensures proper gripping and swing mechanics

There are a few bats on this list that elite level youth players can use. This is definitely one of them and one your child will love.

Take A Closer Look At The AXE Elite Youth Baseball Bat

Easton S2 Youth Baseball Bat

easton s2Company: Easton

Price: $$

Length to weight ratio: -13

Rating: 4.8/5

The Easton S2 is a hybrid bat which means it has a composite handle and aluminum barrel. The handle will eliminate painful stings to your hands and the barrel is ready to use in game, right away. Your child will love:

  • The light swing weight
  • CXN Zero technology that gives tremendous energy transfer and a comfortable and balanced feeling
  • Diamond Grip that enhances your little leaguer’s handle on the bat

It has a 1 year warranty and is approved by every youth baseball league imaginable. Not the best bat in the world but one you can be very confident with.

Take A Closer Look At The Easton S2 Youth Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Catalyst Youth Baseball Bat

louisville slugger catalystCompany: Louisville Slugger

Price: $$

Length to weight ratio: -12

Rating: 4.8/5

Every body who knows baseball knows about Louisville Slugger. They are one of the top companies in the sport and are known for their quality, durable products (like batting gloves and catchers gear). Their Catalyst Bat is very serviceable and its top features include:

  • C1C composite material that let’s your child smack the ball around
  • Pro Cup end cap that reduces painful stings to the hands
  • Thick barrel that helps any little leaguer hit the ball consistently

If you want a dependable bat you should consider the Catalyst.

Take A Closer Look At The Louisville Slugger Catalyst

Louisville Slugger Omaha 517

louisville slugger omahaCompany: Louisville Slugger

Price: $$

Length to weight ratio: -13

Rating: 4.7/5

Here’s another Louisville Slugger product that is very affordable. Should you buy the Omaha if your child is going to be playing in the Little League World Series? Probably not. But that doesn’t meant it’s a bad bat – it’s just not elite. Some awesome features include:

  • A sturdy feel that delivers a powerful swing
  • Good to go right our of the wrapper
  • 1 year warranty

If you don’t want to break the bank this year, this a product you should consider. It certainly won’t take anything away from your kid’s game.

Take A Closer Look At The Louisville Slugger

DeMarini CF Zen Youth Baseball Bat **Top 5 Pick**

demarini cf zen youthCompany: DeMarini

Price: $$$

Length to weight ratio: -11

Rating: 4.9/5

DeMarini is another company you can’t go wrong with and their CF Zen youth bat is tailor made for elite level players. If you have concerns about this product you shouldn’t. It comes with:

  • Paraflex composite materials made from the strongest carbon fibers available
  • A giant sweet spot that turns warning track shots into home runs
  • RCK knob that allows for a perfect fit

If you really want to make your child happy you should think about purchasing the CF Zen. You’ll get a kick out of seeing them knock the ball around the park this year.

Take A Closer Look At The DeMarini CG Zen

Combat Portent G4

combat portentCompany: Combat

Price: $$

Length to weight ratio: -10

Rating: 4.7/5

This is another product that is perfect for anyone on a budget. The Combat Portent G4 may not be a perfect bat but it does a good job. You’ll be happy to know the Portent G4 comes with:

  • A 1 year warranty
  • Very comfortable grip
  • Allows for a very balanced swing that will help drive the ball

This bat is approved for all little league leagues imaginable. It delivers surprising pop for it’s low cost and will have your child making very good contact.

Take A Closer Look At The Combat Portent G4

DeMarini Voodoo Raw Youth Baseball Bat

demarini voodoo raw youthCompany: Demarini

Price: $$$

Length to weight ratio: -13

Rating: 4.8/5

The DeMarini Voodoo Raw is an exceptional product that will lead to many hits – your child will be exhausted from running around the bases so much. What makes this bat so special is its:

  • Innovative construction that combines the power of high grade composite materials and alloy
  • DFusion handle that gives the bat a sturdy feel
  • RCK knob designed specifically to fit perfectly in the hands of the person holding it

The Voodoo is a little pricey but is worth it. This bat is one all little leaguers love to swing.

Take A Closer Look At The DeMarini Voodoo Raw

2017 AXE Avenge Youth Baseball Bat **Top 5 Pick**

axe avengeCompany: AXE

Price: $$$

Length to weight ratio: -11

Rating: 4.9/5

The AXE Avenge is one of my top picks because it has some serious pop. This is the kind of bat that will lead to hard line drives and some home runs. Little leaguer’s love that this product features:

  • One of the best feeling handles on earth
  • Lightweight design that allows your child to whip the bat through the strike zone
  • Large barrel and sweet spot which means more contact

This is a bat your child will be very proud to walk up to the plate with. Plus it comes with a 1 year warranty so you know it will last the whole year and probably more. Definitely worth the price tag.

Take A Closer Look At The AXE Avenge Bat

Rawlings Youth Velo **Top 5 Pick**

rawlings youth veloCompany: Rawlings

Price: $$

Length to weight ratio: -11

Rating: 4.8/5

This is actually the 2016 version of the Rawlings Velo. It is such a high quality bat I had to add it to the list. This bat is designed to eliminate painful stings to the hands and features:

  • Stiff handle that gives tremendous responsiveness
  • Long barrel which enhances the sweet spot
  • 1 year warranty

I understand if you’re skeptical about purchasing a bat from last year – you want the best for your child. If that bothers you too much there are plenty of other products on this list that are 2017 models. If it doesn’t bother you, you’ll be happy with your decision to buy the Velo.

Take A Closer Look At the Rawlings Velo

Mizuno Generation Baseball Bat

mizuno generation youthCompany: Mizuno

Price: $

Length to weight ratio: -12

Rating: 4.7/5

It wouldn’t be a baseball list without at least one Mizuno product. This company is a baseball giant and I own a ton of their gear. Their Generation bat may not be suited for elite level players but it does have some nice features, including:

  • Pretty impressive pop
  • Ensures a nice, balanced swing
  • Synthetic leather grip that adds a little extra tact

It’s a nice bat for $60.

Take A Closer Look At The Mizuno Generation Bat

2017 AXE Origin Youth Baseball Bat 

axe originCompany: AXE

Price: $$

Length to weight ratio: -12

Rating: 4.7/5

You’ve seen a few AXE bats so far and they’ve been pretty expensive. The Origin is the cheapest product from them on this list and is a pretty decent bat. It has everything you want, including:

  • A unique handle that helps develop good swing mechanics
  • Durable and will last
  • Approved in all leagues

If your son plays really competitive baseball you probably shouldn’t pick the Origin for him; if your child plays for fun it will be just fine.

Take A Closer Look At The AXE Origin

Your Son Will Love These Bats!

Giving your son a nice bat is one of the best things you can do for their confidence – there’s just something special about having a quality bat. No matter your budget or your kids skill level, you will find a product on this list that’s perfect.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read comment below and I’ll respond as fast possible. If you would like your friends and family to see share on social media.

How much fun is it going to be watching your kid smack the ball around this year?

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